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Telephone Prompts
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Why Professional Prompts

You know that shorter wait times, easy-to-navigate menus, and polite call-center personnel are all extremely important to customers.  But what are your clients initially hearing when they call you for help or to place an order?  If they aren’t greeted by a professional voice they should be.  Why?

Corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars on state of the art software and hardware to handle calls, but it’s the quality of the content and voice communicating with them that gives callers a first impression.

  • Are your voices clear, welcoming and credible?
  • Are they a good representation of your brand?
  • Is the content pleasant, succinct and designed to save the caller time?
  • Is the volume level consistent?
  • Are they consistent throughout the system?
  • Did they have a cold the day they recorded the messages, or is this person no longer with the company?

Having professional voices throughout your call center delivers a professional greeting  your clients every time they call. They never have a bad day – ever! Best of all – it’s easier than you think.

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