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Message On Hold

Solutions on Hold plans, develops, and executes premium quality “message on hold” programs that can deliver compelling messages in less than 15 seconds.  Let us create the message that will keep them focused on your business, not distract them. You have your callers complete attention at what is virtually the point of sale. Now what?

  • If you have a new product or service that will help them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can save them money – drive it home on hold.
  • If you can make their life easier – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’ve got company news for them – drive it home on hold.
  • If you’re website has more features and functionality – drive it home on hold.
  • If you have the answer to a frequently asked question – drive it home on hold.

Our amazingly affordable message on hold services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Digital Equipment - we utilize IP based equipment which allows us to provide instant updates with no interaction from the customers. This has become the new standard and our multi location customers love it.
  • Regular contact to keep the programs fresh and productive.

We also provide audio for many other applications including:

  • Websites
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Video narrations
  • Telephone surveys and much more

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