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Telephone Prompts
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Sounding great is easy, we promise!

Working with Solutions on Hold is simple! We’ll free you from the cost and delays associated with expensive outside talent, or the hassles that come with recording the messages in house.

  • Many voice agencies charge a great deal of money for very little work. Session minimums can easily add up to thousands of dollars over a year.
  • Recording the messages in house can be timely but presents many obstacles. Does the voice sound professional? Are the messages smooth and clear? Is it the same person that recorded prompts before? Do you have to train them on the process each time? Is there background noise? Did they have to pause or take a large breath during the reading?

Solutions on Hold’s professional voices are extremely affordable. We handle requests from one prompt to thousands of prompts. A Law, Ulaw, ccit, wav, vox, mp3, remote record into the IVR; no matter how you need them processed, we do it every day.

Free Caller Experience Audit

Hearing is believing. Put yourself in your customers shoes - what do they hear when they call? Let us perform a complimentary Caller Experience Audit.

With your permission we call in with a special recording device, navigate any or all processes you designate in your Call Center or IVR system, and provide you with an mp3 so you have an accurate understanding of what your current system sounds like. Next, we provide you with suggestions for improvement and demos of what your center could sound like.

Call Kris or Todd at 800-811-8282 to discuss your needs.

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